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( Edward x Edward )

...because (1) simply isn't enough

Edward x Edward
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H O M E L A N D . F O R . W E I R D O S

Why hallo there, stranger ! You've stumbled on the EdwardxEdward community, product resulting of the mind-rape of nishibi by a rabid bunny, who has apparently done other victims.
So, if you are an Edward Elric x Himself shipper, this place is made for you!

First of all, what does "EdwardxHimself" mean?
It means pairings including more than one Ed, to make it clearer:
manga!Ed, anime!Ed, movie!Ed, alter!Ed (works including the two latest Ed might be considered as spoilers) and even Edwardxany of his hands, even both , it's up to you. So well, with all these Ed you can make lots of kinky pairings ♥!

the list may be updated in the future, it will be announced in a post along with the new rule(s).

# .use of LJ-cuts is more than recommended for works such as fanarts and any kind of pictures (though small ones are not a bother) or fanfictions, spoilers, talks... You can learn how to make LJ-cuts in the tips section below
# .talking about which, posts must be related to the main pairings, not only one of the Ed above, there are communities for that :) off-topic entries will be deleted
# .any kind of work following the rules above is welcome though, but ratings (especially R, hard R/NC-17) must be indicated visibly (you can use text effects, see in the tips section below
# .ah, come on guys, NO flaming, no bad-mouthing, etc. If you want to, you have your own journal. Be respectful with each others, we're not here to argue. May it be comments or entries, they'll be deleted anyway.
# .please, specify the content of your post in the title so that there won't be surprises, bad or good, whatever
# .questions, advices, well anything you need to know/want to tell must be asked/said in the first post. We apologise if we don't answer quickly.
# .works including Alter!Ed and Movie!Ed should be indicated as spoilers to avoid questions about Alter!Ed and the movie. Well, it's an advice, then it's up to you.


Just to remind you, entries/comments which break the rules will be deleted.
LJ users will be warned, then banned for a certain time.

which are important if you want to follow the rules

[ & ] must be replaced with < & >

[lj-cut text="description of the cut or whatever"]

Text effects
[b]bold text[/b]
[u]underlined text[/u]

[i]italic text[/i]

~ ~ ~
Well I think all is said, enjoy yourselves!!♥


founder&maintainer: nishibi
co-maintainer: esteltinuviel


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