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Title: Unendlicher als ewig
Characters/pairings: Hidden - but implied (Pride!)Edward/Alfons, Pride!Ed/Edward a little bit. And Kid!Noah is there, too?
Rating: G
Genre: Crack, plz. Kinda sappy.
Word Count: 304
Warnings: Won't make a whole lot of sense if you aren't familiar with </a></b></a>fmadressingroom. Also, it really is crack. But it's also just for fun - you might get a kick out of it. :)
Notes: Wrote this while listening to "Unendlicher als ewig" ("Far Longer than Forever" from Swan Princess). I hope you don't all kill me.

Once upon a time there were two pretty princesses... )

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[Fanart:] Catalyst.

Sup' guys. ;D

Series: Fullmetal Alchemist.
Characters: Ed and Alter!Ed, also known as London!Ed.
Pairings: Edward Elric x himself in a way?
Rating: Err... shirt-less warning?
Spoilers: If you dont know who Alter!Ed is.

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Icons FMA Fanart

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I have made 14 Ed Icon's :D Just for this community! Cause I love this community cause it is about Edo ^^. On this moment Im realy sleepy cause I had last night a birthday party of my little sister :). But it ended realy late. The Icons aren't realy special cause I am sleepy and to tired to think :P. If you take one please comment! And I hope you will give me a credit! All the icons are from fanart from the manga! There will be no spoilers in this icons. I hope you like them! I promise I will make good ones when I had a good night sleep! It is also the first time I made a post on Livejournal so don't be to hard for me *please* ^^.


Icon's In this Post:

[14] Edo ^^

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[ Fanart: EdxAlter!Ed. ]

Here I am continuing to spread the love with my horrible, unworthy Art. So, here goes.. something.

Warnings: It's small, but its not Worksafe.
Ratings: Im going to put it as NC-17, just to be safe.
Spoilers: If you havent seen Episode 50, or dont know who Alter!Ed is.

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This is a great community, and I just had to contribute something. :D
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